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Resources for pro se parties
(people representing themselves in court) – Understand your legal issues, solve your legal problem. Search by topic to find resources including general information, your legal rights, the law and the courts, legal forms & more. All information is specific to Minnesota and is offered in several different languages.

Olmsted County Law Library – Resources to help pro se parties (people that are representing themselves, without the help of a lawyer) including free legal advice clinics.

Minnesota Attorney General – Resources to help the public understand a wide variety of legal topics.


Olmsted County Social Services – Social Services connects with a variety of services offered to help children, adults, and families living in Olmsted County.

United Way of Olmsted County – United Way offers a variety of resources for people living in Olmsted County. Call “2-1-1” to find out what resources might be available to you.

Family Service Rochester – A community services agency that offers a variety of services for children, families, adults, older adults, people with disabilities, and for specific cultures including services for families with serious child welfare and/or family violence concerns such as child maltreatment, child welfare, children’s mental health, and domestic violence.

Family Access Center A program offered by Family Services of Rochester, the Family Access Center offers a safe and secure setting for children to maintain relationships with parents and other significant adults. Trained staff provide supervised visitation, monitored visitation and supervised exchanges.

The Landing MN – The Landing MN provides assistance, guidance and support to those facing homelessness.

Channel One Regional Food Bank – Operates food relief programs to serve local and area needs such as food bank, food shelf, mobile pantries, childhood hunger programs, the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, FOODRx, and Minnesota Central Kitchen.

ThreeRivers Community Action ThreeRivers serves people in a variety of ways: homeownership, keeping them warm and sheltered, employing them, healing them, education them, transporting them, feeding them and involving them.  They offer programs such as Head Start, Transportation, Energy Assistance, Weatherization, Housing Development, Housing Advocacy Services, Older Adults, and Achieve Homeownership.

Catholic CharitiesProvides many different programs to help families of Southern Minnesota in crisis, vulnerable adults, and seniors. Some of their programs include: senior needs, emergency shelters, counseling, financial coaching, health and wellness, tax assistance, and more.

Salvation ArmyStrives to meet the needs of local communities by aiding in the hopes to combat things such as homelessness, hunger, addiction, disasters, poverty, unemployment, human trafficking, and domestic abuse. 

St. Vincent De PaulLAOC often works directly with SVDP through our Housing program to connect our clients who need assistance with rent and/or relocation. The organization assists with a vast variety of things, the most common being assistance with rent and rent deposits; however, they can also assist with utilities, vehicle issues, clothing, food, household goods, etc. Needs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Lutheran Social ServicesOffers multiple resources to ensure that children and families will have safe, stable homes and the opportunity to thrive in their community. They also assist people with disabilities and older adults and provide them with various opportunities to participate in their community.

Housing StabilityMonitored by Olmsted County staff, the housing stability team has a hotline that members of the community can call to inquire about assistance with rehousing, or ensuring maintenance of current housing.

Families First of Southern MinnesotaServices for young children and their families, focusing on school readiness, childcare, and promoting inclusion and equality among children. 

Mediation Resources

Mediation is a way to resolve differences or conflicts without filing a lawsuit. It is a method of alternative dispute resolution that saves time and resources. This process creates solutions through talking and listening in a safe confidential space with neutral mediators.  There are many private mediators able to provide assistance with mediations in southeast MN.  Mediation and Conflict Solutions is a certified Community Dispute Resolution Program and a nonprofit mediation service that provides affordable and accessible alternative dispute resolution services.

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