Eligibility & Applications

Every person seeking help from LAOC must apply for services using our online application.  An applicant must provide income information for every person over the age of 18 living in his or her home.

LAOC reviews applications daily and will notify an applicant as soon as the application review is complete to let them know if they qualify for services and what the next steps are in obtaining services from LAOC.

What are LAOC’s income guidelines?

For most of our programs we serve individuals with annual incomes at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. In an emergency, we will serve individuals with annual incomes at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. An emergency is defined as involving imminent loss of housing, loss of heat or electricity, an emergency child custody matter, and orders for protection or restraining orders. All persons wishing to receive services from LAOC must apply using our online application, which asks detailed information about the applicant’s household and income and may also require other information as needed to review the application.

Note that most of LAOC’s one-time-only legal clinics do not require income qualification.


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You must complete an application using our Online Application.

Note: Previous application methods are no longer being accepted. You must apply online.

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