Olmsted County Library Clinics

LAOC provides free legal clinics in partnership with the Olmsted County Law Library and are open to all income levels.  The clinics are an opportunity to meet one-on-one via telephone with a lawyer to ask questions, discuss options, and get legal advice.  The lawyer provides free, one-time-only legal advice during the clinic session and does not become the attorney representing the case.

Clinic appointments are by registration only. Registration and attendance at the clinics is limited to residents of Olmsted County, or to those who have cases pending in Olmsted County.  For more information about the clinics and clinic registration, contact the Olmsted County Law Library at 507-218-3778.

Family Law

Weekly clinics are for the following types of cases: dissolution, legal separation, annulment, parenting time, custody, child support, and maintenance. Please note that this clinic specifically excludes any CHIPs (Child In Need of Protective Services) questions.


Monthly clinics are offered for the following types of cases: creditor/debtor counseling, pre-bankruptcy counseling, real estate and mortgage foreclosure, how to respond/answer to a debt-related lawsuit filed against you, and garnishment/levy against assets (debtor side only). Please note that this clinic specifically excludes any landlord/tenant questions.

Criminal Expungement

Bi-monthly clinics offer an opportunity for a brief advice consultation with a volunteer criminal defense attorney to ask questions about whether criminal expungement is a viable option for an individual's needs.

Emergency exit